Suzanne’s gift, totaling just under $10 million, will be used to implement a range of music and media education programs, accelerate KEXP’s digital content strategy, and create long-term financial stability, allowing for more experimentation with radio and online programming and creating lasting impact for listeners for years to come.

Initial Investments Include

Education programs aimed at inspiring younger audiences to engage their curiosity around music

Services and programming for emerging artists

Media creation experiences for aspiring DJs and music journalists

Outreach activities aimed at deepening KEXP’s connections to local communities

“It was deeply moving to simply watch people’s expressions.
A lot of smiling, head shaking, even some tears.”

– Executive Director Tom Mara to The New York Times

Words of Thanks

"One Love. One Heart. Let's get together and feel all right. Thank you, Suzanne. ❤️" – Matt

"This person deserves a massive round of applause for being a hero to music." – Anonymous

"Chills! Big ups to Suzanne, for a donation that will keep the music alive for years." – Kathleen


"Thank you, Suzanne. Your gift lives forever in the heart of all that is KEXP."

– Soundog

"Suzanne - thank you so much. What a gift not only to the station but Seattle and the music community."

– Kim

"WOW - Suzanne, I hope your family sees this and knows how deeply you have touched both myself, and the entire KEXP community. I now have a new goal, to become a member of #ReverbSociety ❤️"

– Anonymous

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