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Message from the Executive

I think of 2017 as an extraordinary year for all of us, one filled with profound changes and contradictions. People made their voices heard as they spoke out against injustice and in support of human rights, in numbers we haven’t witnessed in decades. As always, music maintained an essential role in social change, providing both encouragement and relief. You let us know how events were affecting you and together we navigated the challenges.

At KEXP, we’ve continued to pursue our organizational mission while adapting to a shifting landscape that has left many members of our community disillusioned yet impassioned. We believe more strongly than ever in the power of music to make lives better.

One way to really grasp the positive effects of music is to watch individuals share in the listening experience. On January 20th, 2017 during our Bed-In For Peace I saw a Gathering Space full of people singing in unison, in their own unique voices. It was a powerful moment, one that caused me to step back and reflect on the power of music to bring us together.

Every day, I am moved by what your gift makes possible at KEXP and the ways you help us grow. In 2017, audience members of all ages danced to Preservation Hall Jazz Band, emerging musicians experiencing mentorship from industry professionals, community members gathered spontaneously to grieve and celebrate a local musician, listeners shared heartfelt stories during our Music Heals programming—these are all examples of what you’ve built.

I know we are moving forward. I know this because I can look back just a few years and see how far you’ve taken us. Thank you. With your help, we’ll continue to push in new directions we haven’t yet imagined.


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Tom Mara

I know we are moving forward. I know this because I can look back just a few years and see how far you’ve taken us. Thank you.

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Our mission is to enrich your life by championing music and discovery.

Grand Vision

A growing community of music lovers worldwide depend on KEXP to identify, showcase, and champion music that entertains and inspires them. By creating meaningful music experiences on air, online, and in person, KEXP harnesses the emotional power of art to strengthen our communities and serve the greater social good.

Commitments to the Community

We pursue our mission by relentlessly pursuing curatorial excellence in our programming, and remain relevant to music lovers of all ages by producing one-of-a-kind content and experiences that we’ll deliver by world-class distribution methods.

At KEXP...

All good music—spanning all eras, styles, and cultures—has an opportunity to be heard, seen, and experienced.

We offer creative programming that respects and inspires your mind, heart, and spirit.

We emphasize new music and emerging artists to yield a richer, more rewarding experience.

We uphold music of the Pacific Northwest to enrich and strengthen our region.

Artistic integrity, creative freedom, and personal responsibility are essential values that inform all our programs and services.

We seek, nurture, and promote music experts from all cultures and communities to provide a deeper, richer experience.

We actively steward our donors, business supporters, volunteers, and artists as thoughtfully and personally as we approach our programming.

We foster relationship and community building by welcoming, gathering, and connecting music lovers from all over the world, both online and at our home in Seattle Center.

We exist to generate an impact, serve the public good, and make a difference in your life and in the lives of music lovers worldwide.