Frankly, it feels a bit odd to look back at 2019 right now, when the current moment is one of challenge and change. But there is still much to acknowledge and celebrate about this past year—and I think we should. In fact, in some ways, it has been even more remarkable to witness the true impact of community support, to follow the path of listener power from one year to the next.

You can see this throughout the highlights that follow. Your support last year laid the groundwork for all the ways we continue to connect through music today—across distances, boundaries, genres, or platforms. Last year, you helped KEXP feature music scenes around the world, celebrate music in all styles and genres, and build community beyond our Seattle home. Behind the scenes, your support helped strengthen our broadcast and digital infrastructure in ways that turned out to be transformative, helping KEXP stay on air and stay connected. And we danced a little jig when we surpassed 1 billion views on KEXP’s YouTube Channel.

And perhaps at the heart of it all, 2019 was also a year of growth in our listener and donor community—thanks not only to your generous financial support, but to a deep investment of self. You sent in your stories (and your mixtapes), helped curate our airwaves, and collectively cast a light on the true role of music in our lives. Your support forms that core of creativity and humanity that keeps KEXP growing and evolving.

Simply put, 2019 was an extraordinary year, not only for music and community-building, but as a waypoint—a mile marker along the road to where KEXP is today, and what is still to come. So let’s take a moment and look back before heading over the horizon. The love and care of this donor community shapes KEXP, now and always, and I’m proud to share this report on 2019—a year in the life of listener power.

With my profound gratitude and appreciation,

Tom Mara, Executive Director

Photos: Queen Zee at International Clash Day (Lindsay Melbourne) | Parisalexa at Street Sounds Live (Joel Andrew Simard) | Visitors in the Gathering Space (Carlos Cruz) | Brittany Howard in the Live Room (Eric Tra)


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Every moment of music in 2019 was made possible because of the support of donors like you... every single live session, specialty show, educational workshop, community event, podcast, web article, and YouTube video. Thank you so much for powering KEXP.

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